Realign Your Posture With A Kneeling Chair

30 October 2013

fabric seatDo you suffer from back pain? Do you find yourself sitting at your desk for hours on end? Do you naturally have poor posture? Would you like to sit more comfortably all the time? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the solution may be a kneeling chair. These chairs date back to ancient Buddhist times and were used to align the body for optimal meditation.  Read about them on wiki here:

Essentially these ergonomic chairs put emphasis on the legs and realign the back into its natural curve. By doing so the back is relieved of its stress from hours sitting at your office desk or from poor posture. Many people actually use them as their everyday office chair claiming that they work more efficiently when they experience less stress on their back. These knelling chairs are also claimed to open up the diaphragm to allow for deeper and easier breathing while seated.

When you first sit in one of these chairs you will instantly notice the shift in your body weight from emphasis on your lower back in a normal office chair, to the leg muscles, specially in the shin area. By shifting your weight in this way, the chair forces your back into its natural S-curve, putting the curve in your lower spinal area.

When most of us normally sit down, we slouch our lower back. Over time, this slouching leads to extreme stress on the lower back and ultimately back pain or problems. By using a kneeling chair either at work, or after work, you can reshape your back, regain your posture, and leave your days of back aches behind. Pick up this chair today at any big box retail store or online at a variety of sites, and start taking years of stress off your back and regain that youthful spine you once had.  If you want to know where to find ergonomic furniture online, check out

Happiness Tip: Gratitude Journals

25 October 2013

Example Gratitude JournalA gratitude journal is a type of dairy in which individuals who intend to attract positive things into their lives record the things they are grateful for. Showing gratitude is something that an individual should show on a daily basis. On should find something that he or she is grateful for each day for example an appreciation and or love for then things or people around us. Gratitude journal helps an individual to focus their attention on things that encourages them to remain focused in life. A gratitude journal may also be helpful in a situation where a person is under depression , stress that may arise due to family responsibilities or work that may lead to a pattern of negative thinking. Being grateful and appreciating others has physical, psychological, and social benefits. When a person’s thoughts and words are positive they tend to attract more positive circumstances and people into their lives. In coming up with a personal gratitude journal one needs to follow several steps.

Creating a Gratitude Journal

(taken from: Firstly, one needs to choose his or her journal. In odder to choose one an person needs to know what works best for them, whether for handwriting or typing, and the best decoration that helps to feel more positive. Secondly, one needs to be consistent in his or her writing. For instance, one should preferably write the journal every day and at the same time or in correlation with the same activity. This helps make it to be part of your routine. Thirdly, one needs to be more specific and exact in what they are grateful for. Focus on certain positive things Lastly, one needs to turn negatives into positives. An individual needs to find the positive things of each negative situation one may face. This will help to cultivate a sense of optimism about life. Lets be grateful for what we have for we will end up having more.

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25 October 2013

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